Scuola Teatro Arsenale

The Scuola Teatro Arsenale unites the skills of Marina Spreafico and Kuniaki Ida, both of whom graduated from the École Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq in Paris in 1975 but who have different theatrical backgrounds, one in Japan, the other in Italy. Since 1976 they have constantly combined their theatrical activity with that of teaching, founding the “Arsenale School of Drama” in Milan in 1978 and continuing freely in the wake of Jacques Lecoq’s instruction through a personal reworking of the approach he developed.

Owing to its long experience, its far-reaching program and above all the large number of its students who have made a successful career in the world of the performing and other arts, the Scuola Teatro Arsenale has become a fundamental point of reference in the panorama of theatrical training. The school is recognized in Italy and abroad. Every year new students enroll in search of a solid grounding for their artistic progress. An educational approach founded on the development of the imagination in service of theatrical creativity is fundamental to the artistic and dramatic training offered by this school.

The assets of the school are its students.

why attend the school?

because it gives you a solid grounding
because it is a thrilling journey
because the Arsenale is a magical place
to find out about the teachings of Jacques Lecoq
because you will make useful contacts for your future
because it connects you to a network of people who have received similar training
because you won’t have wasted your time if you decide to change direction
because those who have done it recommend it
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