Course of study

The approach to teaching is founded on development of the imagination at the service of theatrical creativity. The school takes as its reference the teachings of Jacques Lecoq.

The school is aimed at those who, having already undergone a period of training or had some previous experience, intend to work in theater and are interested in taking the proposed course of study. Independently of the current or future specialization of students (actors, directors, singers, dancers, playwrights, choreographers, teachers, etc.), the school offers the same course of creative practice to all.

It takes students on a journey of discovery of the fundamentals of theater, exploring an approach to drama that is sensitive to its time but shuns fleeting fashions or repetitive schemes.

The school continually stimulates the imagination of students, regarding this as a rich resource to be cultivated and developed, and opens the way for the observation of reality to be given poetic expression.

Discovery and creativity, mimesis and poetry are the dynamic poles between which the teaching moves.

The school develops the individual capacities of students and trains them to work as a team, allowing them to gain experience of a constructive approach to theater which takes account of its essentially concerted nature. It does not impose a particular style but helps students to make a personal choice that is suited to their different talents.


The course entails attendance of the school for four and a half hours a day.
The school’s teaching is structured as a single course lasting for two years.
Initially students undergo four weeks of trial, at the end of which an interview will be held to decide whether to carry on with the studies or not.
Attendance is compulsory.


At the end of the two years of study a diploma is issued.
The diploma has no legal standing, but is accepted as a certificate of quality.

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